British tabloids panic over Jane Austen in 2021

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In a move that the British tabloids The Express and the Daily mail have tagged “Matter-Inspired Black Lives” and “Awakened Madness”, the Jane Austen’s House Museum has announced its intention to honestly answer questions about the author’s ties to brutal imperialism.

As the Telegraph originally reported, the museum, housed in a house in Hampshire where Austen lived, will include information that Austen’s father was the administrator of a sugarcane plantation in Antigua that exploited slave labor, information that comes up more and more on tours, according to a person who actually works at the museum and therefore would know what information is most useful to its visitors to contextualize the world from which Austen wrote:

“Austen lived during the days of slavery and Britain’s abolition of the Atlantic slave trade in 1807. Our visitors are asking us more and more questions about this and it is appropriate therefore that we share the information and research that exists on its links to slavery. and its mention in his novels. This information is widely accessible in the public domain ”, according to a press release from the museum, according to at Guardian. “We want to reassure you that we will not and never intended to interview Austen, her characters or her readers for drinking tea.

I beg any UK tabloid writers or readers outraged by Austen’s shocking revelation never to read Jane eyre Or close the book when you get to the part where Jane leaves Lowood because you’re going to be fucking livid when you find out what Rochester has in that attic.

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