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As the fight against COVID-19 continues more than a year after hitting the region and the world, Green River District Health Department public health director Clay Horton said the challenge had changed.

At its recent quarterly GRDHD meeting, Horton discussed the status of COVID-19 and vaccinations in the Green River area.

With vaccines becoming more widely available, Horton said the new challenge is no longer to ensure that there is a vaccine supply in the community, but rather to build confidence in the vaccine within the community to encourage people to get vaccinated.

“We are now coming to that phase where we have to make sure that people are comfortable getting vaccinated and we have to make sure that enough of our communities are researching and making efforts to get vaccinated,” a- he declared.

Horton said the GRDHD continues to focus on community outreach efforts to make information about the vaccine more accessible.

The vaccination process, as a whole, has evolved much faster in the region and state than Horton initially anticipated.

Most of the community’s vaccine providers have been in phase three of the immunization process, which includes anyone aged 16 and over, for almost three weeks, while Kentucky has been in phase for a week and the country has moved on. to phase three earlier this week.

So far, according to Horton, about 35% of the adult population – those aged 18 and over – have received the vaccine in Daviess County. More than 26% of the total population of Daviess is vaccinated.

“I told the board at the end of January that I thought it would be the fall before we started phase three, but I’m very happy to announce tonight… most of the vendors in this area are in phase three for about two and a half to three weeks. Said Horton. “Things have moved on a lot faster than we thought.”

Regarding the current outlook for COVID-19 in the community, Horton said there had been a slight increase in cases over the past week, but not as high as cases during the winter months. .

“Since the first of the year, case rates have dropped dramatically, both in the country and in Kentucky,” he said. “The challenge has changed somewhat and we are now entering a phase where we need to build public confidence and make sure we get enough people in society immunized so that we can meet this collective immunity goal.”

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