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What is all the colors of the rainbow that flies high? International flags, of course. Did you know that there are 197 official countries, but dozens of additional international flags because some countries have territories or more than one official flag, like Australia which has three.

International flags symbolize the identity of a country. In America, every international country is represented in our diverse population, and as people begin to learn more about their heritage through DNA testing and genealogy research, their connection to a larger worldview increases. People buy international flags to honor their heritage or to complement their growing collection.

The best part about international flags? They are a great way for kids to learn geography. We have a large assortment of portable international flags that are great and affordable educational tools for students.

Currently, the flags of Scandinavian countries such as Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Greenland and Iceland are selling well. The Nordic Cross flag is easily recognizable, having its origin as a symbol of Christianity and was used on banners during war, including the Northern Crusades. At that time, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and part of Finland were united under the Kalmar Union of 1397-1523.

If you want to get the historic Nordic Cross Flag, they are no longer commercially produced, but Elmer’s can easily sew one or more for you in our Sewing Room upstairs in our Portland retail store.

Whether you are looking to fly the Norwegian flag on May 17th on Norwegian Flag Day or want to honor your own unique heritage with an international flag or a combination of international flags, we have what you are looking for at Elmer’s Flag and Banner.

Elmer Flag and Banner

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