Retired black officer denounces left-wing ‘lies’ about police: ‘it hurts blacks’

Retired Tucson, Ariz. Police officer Brandon Tatum joined “The Ingraham Angle” on Wednesday and criticized Benjamin Crump, LeBron James and liberal politicians who he says are pushing dangerous and false rhetoric that law enforcement agencies are racist.

TATUM: “They should be ashamed to come out lying about this cop and lying about this girl (Ma’Khia Bryant). This girl had a knife in her hand and she was about to stab another black girl in the face. was not just swinging a knife, she was going to stab the girl in the face and she was shot dead. Officers have every right to use deadly force against another person to protect another person’s life.

LAURA INGRAHAM, HOST: These people want there to be hatred and evil in our country and they want the police to be demonized. They want the police and the public to have conflict [so] they can continue to get better grades. They can continue to be re-elected, continue to promise to the public [policies] they can never keep their promises.

TATUM: They almost seem disappointed, don’t they, when the facts don’t exactly match an easier narrative to perhaps slander the police, whether it’s the color of the skin of those involved or whether there is had a weapon involved.

They usually have a meltdown or they completely lie about it because it makes them sound like hypocrites.

I’m really sick of listening to these people on TV without any responsibility. They lie outright and fuel violence in our communities.

It doesn’t hurt whites. It makes other black people more violent [and] feel that their life is in danger by the police. They will eventually get injured and eventually die and not have patrols in their communities, which makes their communities more violent. It doesn’t hurt whites. It hurts black people and is perpetuated by many black leaders.

LeBron James lives on a high horse in a multi-million dollar house, living close to nothing but white people. In no time at all, he will have white officers in his house to investigate false allegations, if there are any. LeBron James and people like the co-founder of BLM living in million dollar homes they don’t care … I really wish they were held accountable and at least ashamed of what they do to us. country.


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